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Zrillac bust.jpg
A head shot of a full-grown Zrillac.



First Discovered

1287 PB

Average Lifespan

1,000 - 2,000 Years





The Zrillac are an almost insect like humanoid race.


With prominently large bald heads, strange gaping mouths, and earth toned skin which is very rigid and coarse like sandpaper, the lanky Zrillac are an intimidating sight. They often reach heights of seven feet tall.




The Zrillac are the masters of the technical, viewing all races that use magic as a means of creation as "Inferior but necessary". In general the Zrillac harbor no hatred for anyone, deeming it a downright waste of emotion, but they also share no feelings of love with one another. The Zrillac are among the most notorious tricksters in the galaxy, using their superior intellect and extra set of retractable arms to help them get around without being seen or simply stealing something before anothers very eyes. The Zrillac tend to live long lives, reaching ages counting into the thousands, and they spend most if not all of their lives working on a singular project which they call their "Life Quest". This project could be anything from curing a disease, to tasting all of the foods in the galaxy, but most say that once accomplished, most Zrillac simply die.

The Zrillac like to make their homes underground in large "burrows" which they often line with sheet metal walls and fill with trinkets they've "collected" from around the world. These burrows tend to go on for miles underground with many entrances and secret exits which are made to confuse and disorient possible intruders. The Zrillac tend to make very good smugglers, tacticians and architects as well as engineers, and have been rectuited on both sides of the war between the Vuldak and the Kasmari rebellion where the have no qualms with killing each other, since they share no unified loyalties.

Standard procreation is frowned upon in Zrillac society, so instead of standard procreation through intercourse, every Zrillac chooses to make a clone of his or herself, though they use the term "clone" lightly, for every Zrillac "clone" is different than the 'parent'. Usually, the Zrillac tend to see procreation as a project and struggle to seperate out the 'bad genes' in their own dna in order to create the perfect Zrillac, though none have ever truly mastered this goal, some Zrillac have made this their own life quest, and in most cases, these Zrillac tend to live the longest of all.




Zrillac weapons are the most deadly, and most underhanded technological pieces throughout the entire galaxy. Because of their superior more articulate minds, the Zrillac can more easily detect small flaws in the details and engineering of each individual weapon. Though, this can serve as both a gift and a menace, as to even make a simple laser rifle, the perfectionist Zrillac could take months to even a year to make one, and every spacer or military leader that has ever purchased a weapon from a Zrillac merchant knows that they don't come fast or cheap.

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