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The Vuldak Empire is a monarchical government residing in control of all Huron planets and territories. It is the dominant military, economic and cultural power in the galaxy, possessing a near-total monopoly on the future of galactic policies only infringed upon by the Kasmari Rebellion.


Led by the Emperor Kadlok Drahgan, the Vuldak Empire is a nation hell bent on purging the Galaxy of DMU’s or Direct Magic Users. The Empire is built up on a single Monarchy system where selection of the next Emperor is determined by bloodlines. The Empire is the largest ruling faction in the galaxy and their presence is felt on almost every other planet. Made up predominantly by the Huron race as well as a select few number of Gobians and Wulven, the Vuldak Empire sees itself as the final word in all galactic debates, often threatening those weaker than them with imprisonment or annihilation. Over the years, the Vuldak have toned down their cruel ways and become a more civil nation due to Drahgan’s decreasing physical health and the fact that his first son who now oversees the Intergalactic Navy is a pacifist and thinks that negotiation should always be the first means to solving any problems. Rarely is the Vuldak navy seen purging civilizations anymore, but there are those who still tell of awful orbital bombardments wiping out villages from space.

The Vuldak make their home on the planet Huron, which is a small planet dominated entirely by the stretches of cityscape and war factories. The planet has become so barren, that most citizens of Huron receive their goods and services through the planet of Haron, which is a rich abundant world not far off from their planet. The Empire is involved in some shady dealings as well as cooperating with the Underground black market trading rings which are said to have originated from Huron itself.

Magic Policies[]

Drahgan sees the use of magic for offensive purposes as a misuse of a natural gift, as many Mages are employed throughout the Empire to serve as a cheaper means of shielding their large naval cruisers. In reality, Drahgan wants to see all mages wiped from the galaxy so that his own technologically advanced nation can reign supreme. Thankfully though, Drahgan is said to be nearing his deathbed, and his son doesn't feel quite the same.