The Third Kasmari Fleet was one of four main combat fleets of Kasmari Rebellion along with First, Second and Seventh that fought with Vuldak Navy head-on, engaging in larger operations to assist the smaller fleets. For this reason its complement of capital ships was larger than of the other smaller fleets whose role was more precise and hit-&-run oriented. In present the fleet is under command of Gobian admiral Tyrrell Coopper, an experienced officer and war hero.

The Third Fleet seen many battles throughout its long existence, and one of the major operations of the last years it participated in was the Canea Sector Campaign, Henonn Operation and Battle of Beishaze.

Vessels in the FleetEdit

  • Kasamar Beauty - Battleship and flagship of Admiral Tyrrell Coopper.
  • Tranquility - Fleet carrier, commanded by Captain Tolpheno.
  • White Light - Fleet carrier.