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Phayboah is a planet consumed mostly by water.

Climate and Terrain[]

Native Life[]

Many races inhabit Phayboah's waterscape. The Phayboans themselves are a largely segregate race with froglike appearance. They are the most civilized race.

The Bolvar are tribal race of beings with hog ancestry. 'Pigfolk' is a common nickname, used in a durrogatory manner.

The Shamatans are the third and final race of sentients.

Many other beings, both predatory and submissive, occupy the world with lesser sentience.


Three small continents support the native races of the planet. The main continent, Alrath,is mostly comprised of a long and treacherous jungle, but it is also home to a large area of Marshy swamp and two long stretches of mountains which serve as natural barriers which separate the three different tribes of the continent.

The small middle continent, renamed Drahgan by the Vuldak after their Emperor Rodney Drahgan, is entirely dominated by the Vuldak. The Vuldak claim to be inhabiting the planet for economical reasons like extraction of resources, but seeing as the continent is mostly barren, most people believe this to be false.

The third continent, Yerkiddou, has been visited by few and inhabited by even fewer. Nicknamed the Uncharted East by most everyone. It is said that among the desert and the dunes of the third continent there thrives a large population of nomadic Phayboans. Though this is mostly speculation, there have been many accounts of strange creatures emerging from the continent.