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First Discovered

No information

Average Lifespan

80 - 150 years




Non Endangered

Mutts are a strange species, derived of two different species. The Wulven, a race of bipedal wolfmen, once had the ability to shift between a human like form and a Wolf form, but eventually evolved taking their wolf shape permanently. Mutts however never lost their ability due to various reasons; the most common being that a Wulven never went through the blood rite at the age of thirteen, infusing them with the blood of a pure wolf. Mutt is a slang word derived by the Vuldak army, who tend to bring in the confused exiles that lacked the courage to go through the rituals, giving them food, shelter and a purpose in life. Mutts are still technically Wulven, yet they see themselves as a different species entirely.


Mutts usually stand between five and six feet in human form, and up to eight in Wolf form. Generally the color of eyes and hair in wolf form resemble that of the Mutt's human form. Rarely, the Mutt will have more elongated facial features in human form, but it is not typical and often goes away with age.



Mutt's have a strange history, as they are technically not a race of their own. Usually born to a pair of Wulven that underwent the blood rites themselves, Mutts either were ubducted from their home or left before undergoing the ritual to take on their pure form. This choice or lack thereof would later be instilled as a gift, for when pushed, a Mutt has the ability to change into a large Bipedal Wolf that rivals the strength and agility of a Wulven. Often the Mutt's downfall happens to be their blinding rage. Upon entering Wolf form, Mutts sometimes lose control, yet many know how to keep their calm.


Mutt culture has always been centered around anger; anger stemming from being taken, or being kicked out of their homes, Mutt's have a lot of unanswered questions typically, and like to be around others that share their pain and longing for a real home.

Mutts are seen as lesser beings by their own Wulven brethren, and are barely accepted into Vuldak society due to their strange nature. Due to their ostracism, Mutt's tend to hang around shady areas of cities, in their own districts, or on offworld planets. Some Mutt's however have a strong career in the Vuldak army.


Most Mutt's religious beliefs vary. Many are magically adept, though not many excel in their magical trade, seeing as they feel outed enough, they tend to hide it.


Mutt's fall under Vuldak rule; a monarchial/democratic society.


Mutt's tend to serve exclusively in the Vuldak Army, Naval Corps, and Special Ops organizations, though many join private organizations, such as the Hammerfist Mercs.

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