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Were you looking for The Kasmari Rebellions, the ongoing war between the Kasmari and Vuldak?

The Kasmari Rebellion is a ragtag alliance of members from virtually all major races in the galaxy dedicated to the overthrow of the Vuldak Empire. Formed sixty years ago by a Gobian mage, the Rebellion has grown into the dominant naval force in the galaxy and a group idealized in sections of pop culture for it's seemingly anti-authoritarian nature.


The Kasmari rebellion was formed after their leader; a Gobian named Arch Mage Johann Silverstein needed protection from the cruel Vuldak Empire. Johann had single handedly started a college for training and helping Mages develop their powers around the time Emperor Drahgan was rising to power. He knew that soon, he’d have an all out war on his hands, so he sent out three representatives to garner a rebellion force. One representative named Sawyer Graham fell victim to the Vuldak propaganda and joined them outright, only to be reunited years later at the Battle of Bazuur with his former faction. The other two representatives managed to garner a heft amount of support from the Kasamaran bourgeoisie who now help fund the rebellion unbeknownst to the Vuldak. With their vast wealth and access to Kasamaran war technology, the Kasmari named their rebellion after their benefactors once the Vuldak discovered the treachery. Arch mage Johann seeks now to unify and protect all mages under his academy which has been relocated to the planet Kasamar.


The Kasmari fight for equality among all races and creeds, but since their numbers are significantly smaller than their enemy’s, the Kasmari have been known to fight dirty, particularly at the Battle of Bazuur and the Massacre on Goba Prime in which three thousand Gobians, Vuldak soldiers and Kasmari troops were set ablaze by a hysterical mages spell gone awry. The mage was also incinerated in the blaze, and the Vuldak assumed control of Goba Prime. Due to the limited effictiveness of their haggard ground forces, virtually all famous Kasmari victories have been in naval engagements, a fact that has prompted further Vuldak Naval buildup; and, ironically enough, continually boosted the manufacturing sector of the empire.