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Kainoss II


10527 Kilometers

Length of Day

35 Hours

Length of Year

592 Days



World Population

~3.62 Million




Parliamentary system



Unifying Language

Galactic Standard


Vuldak Empire (indirect)

Kainoss II is a terrestrial world deep inside the Borderland Regions. Unlike its neighbor Kainoss III it is peaceful world with a stable government. It is a homeworld of Professor Mstislav Zakharov.

Climate and Terrain[]

The mild terrestrial environment enables the inhabitants of Kainoss II to make farmlands in wast grassy plains and forests which are covering cca. 70% of all landmass on planet, with the rest being steep mountain ranges. The ratio of surface and oceans is around 50/50, enabling both a strong agriculture and fishery to be present, with most of their exported food being send on Kainoss III.

Rivers are mostly located in the proximity of the mountain ranges. Several rivers are originating from the same mountain range, each going into different direction to connect to the sea or ocean. Lakes are a common sight, often used for fish breeding, recreation or as supply of fresh water.

Native Life[]

Kainoss II is full of fauna and flora, with lush forests which are creating enough oxygen for a small planet and endless planes of grass offers herbivore animals limitless supply of food. One of the titular animals of the planet known in the galaxy are six-legged even-toed zexcow and predator called "Kainossian chinned lion" because of its extruded chin.

The only sentient life forms on planet are Hurons who colonized the world after the discovery of Kainoss' III mineral deposits as a closest supplier of fresh food to the mineral world. Several other species are present, but these are only as individuals, not any larger community.