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Wicked Knife (Starship)

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Virgil Eyre


'Hammerfist is a squad of mercenaries that operate out of their freighter, the Wicked Knife.


Four men founded Hammerfist: ex-Vuldak Military Policeman Virgil Eyre, ex-Kasmari DMU Alton Vince, PMC Darian Church and his mentor Jason Littlehorn. They came together on the independently-controlled world of Quaraan as part of a meetup constructed by Littlehorn.

The meeting went well, and the four decided to create a squad of mercenaries, emblazoned with a simple workman's hammer to symbolize the independence of the squad. Dubbed Hammerfist, Littlehorn and Virgil led the team side-by-side.

Darian Church returned to his hometown on Quaraan to bring his girlfriend, Ingrid May, as the heavy weapons expert. The two have remained on-and-off throughout the duration of the squad's existence.

On a rescue mission early on, Littlehorn was killed by sniper-fire during an ambush. It was revealed that he had betrayed the squad to their target's captors. Eyre responded to this news by placing Littlehorn's corpse in the airlock and flushing it out.

One mission involved breaking a high-ranking Vuldak from a Kasmari prison. During the raid, Alton and Church accidentally opened the cell to a high-risk prisoner. The two engaged and were subsequently incapacitated with ease. When the others arrived at the scene, the prisoner gave them a deal: bring him along and he'd prove a valuable asset. Eyre examined the situation and agreed: the prisoner called himself Harlan Priest, and became the sniper.

A well-paying mission to destroy supply depots required a demoltions expert: the squad hired the 'Gobian Devil' Archibald Leblanc.


As an independent firm, the team is rather weakly-structured. The need for ranks and structuring is null; Eyre keeps a firm hold on the leadership position and everyone else has their fair imput.


The squad does whatever job they can to be able to stay afloat in a world with high-profile firms such as White Hawk Services. However, the thing that keeps them different from the others is their morals.

Eyre and Vince's services in the Vuldak and Kasmari respectively have given them a unique perspective on galactic rights and wrongs. The job can be anything: security, prison breaks, assassinations, but it needs to follow their code.

1: Civilians are off-limits. If a job involves killing civilians, the group will reject it.

2: No war crimes. The squad refuses to help commit war crimes.

3: Pay up-front. Due to betrayals in the past, the squad requires half pay up-front.


Every member of the squad has their own gear: since there is no large funding, they each have to pay for it on their own.

Archibald Leblanc's gear is ordinance disposal-esque armor.

The equipment tends to reflect what they bring to the table, such as the Gobian Devil's armor and backpack.