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Goba/Goba Prime

First Discovered

Average Lifespan

120 - 150 years




Not endangered


Gobians are an unique race akin to the Hurons. They tend to have lighter almost chalk white skin, thin cone shaped heads and lanky bodies. Gobians stand on average about 4 to 5 and a half feet tall and have been known to be some of the most agile beings in the world.


Gobians systems are identical to that of the Hurons, except their bones are not quite as dense. They all have exceptionally thin bodies, making them very agile.


Thought to have entered the galaxy alongside the Hurons, Gobians were discovered by the Zrillac on Goba and Goba Prime. They seemed very intelligent, yet lacked the drive to achieve the goals that the Hurons were achieving at an alarming rate, such as space flight and laser weaponry. Yet their sensitivity to the elements was quite extreme and they used it in magnificent ways, tending to the lush forests that grew on Goba, and using their magic to create warm homes on the icy planet of Goba Prime.

Gobians first achieved spaceflight through their dealings with the Zrillac flight master, Krittak Do'Chiile, who supplied them with the means to create their own magically fueled space craft. After their introduction to space travel, the Gobians became very active in political advancements throughout the galaxy, as well as playing significant roles in the Vuldak and Kasmari militaries.


Gobians still live a very tribal lifestyle, and on each planet it is not uncommon to find hundreds of small tribes united under one banner of cooperation. In fact, on Goba Prime, there are close to five thousand different tribes, and even more being created every day. Gobians have no united leader, instead they hold a council with a representative from each of the fifteen 'Legions' (What they refer to as a bunch of tribes unified) that all place their vote on planetary issues such as food shortages, their stance on the war and things like that.

Gobians live a very active lifestyle, hunting and gathering their food and often moving from place to place depending on their tribe. Almost half of the Gobian race is to some degree magically sensitive. This does not mean every Gobian is a mage, but it does mean they can feel the presence of other mages.


Gobians have no religion. They believe in the unification of all things through nature.


Every different tribe has a unique way of dealing with issues. For a planetary government, see Culture.


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