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The Purgatory, the flagship of the Fifth.

The Fifth Kasmari Fleet, more commonly known just as the Fifth Fleet, was the fleet of Kasmari warships that Cullen Archymm led once he was promoted to Rear Admiral.

The fleet was certainly not the largest in the Kasmari Armada; it wouldn't be rational to hand off a powerful force to such a brashly-promoted Rear Admiral as Archymm. It mostly consists of support craft such as Torpedo Platforms and Thunderskiffs and some carriers to carry fighters and interceptors.

One of the many torpedo platforms in the Fifth.

Archymm's flagship, the Purgatory, is a well-built cruiser and one of the three in the fleet. The craft, in it's prime, was highly praised due to it's easy mass production and composite armor. It was an older Vuldak model which had since been discontinued and decommissioned. The blueprints were recovered from the drydocks on the Raid over Okaer on the day of Archymm's birth, and a single prototype was built. The Admiralty Board saw fit to give this craft to Archymm when they promoted him.

Vessels in the Fleet[]

  • Purgatory - Cruiser and flagship of Rear Admiral Cullen Archymm.
  • Arcanium - Frigate, commanded by Captain Blaine Montegue. Previous flagship of Cullen Archymm during Shipment War. Participated in Siege of Phayboah.
  • Delegate - Frigate, commanded by Captain Morris Dorien. Assigned to Fifth Fleet after Shipment War as front-line scout. Professor Mstislav Zakharov resides there.