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Doyle Hadlee
Doyle Hadlee in wolf form.



Date of Birth

47 PB

Date of Death

1 AB




Vuldak Empire



Major Doyle Hadlee was male Wulven officer within Vuldak Empire and the head of operations for Vuldak supply lines in the Outer Expanses and Borderland Regions.


Hadlee was born on Lycanthia and went about the blood-rite like any other young Wulven male. He was smuggled offworld and given to a Huron family of nobles.

The new family were Vuldak supporters and quickly put their new son into the service, without telling the officers of his full-shifting abilities.

Hadlee quickly climbed the ranks and became an officer in the Vuldak Navy. His methods were brutal and unorthodox but he made sure the job was done properly.

Just a week after the Battle of Bazuur, Hadlee commissioned Rayvadeen Corporation to build him a biological weapon for use of Kasmari colony worlds. The Major's reasoning was that it would force the Kasmari into submission after only a few uses, and for Hadlee the ends truely justifies the means.

Shipment War[]

When Kasmari DMU and Admiral Cullen Archymm began to lead raids on Vuldak worlds in the Expanses and Borderlands, Major Hadlee was in charge of most worlds he attacked. The Wulven dug up his contacts and found out exactly who he was facing.

Soon, Archymm's intelligence discovered hints towards Project Sigma, his nearly-complete bio-bomb. Hadlee began to build up defenses around Ronir, the planet where the prototype was being stored.

The Infernal, flagship of Major Hadlee.

Short on time and men, Hadlee, through the umbrella of Rayvadeen, hired a band of mercenaries to guard Sigma at all costs. He chose not to inform their leader of the true purpose of the weapon, for then he would quit. Assuming this was inevitable, Hadlee docked all of the mercs' pay very early on.

When Archymm's task force finally attacked Ronir, Hadlee's dreadnought, the Infernal, was prepared beside his fleet. Although Sigma was lost and Hammerfist quit, the dreadnought fought it's way out, halting for minor repairs in orbit of Haroth, a nearby uninhabited jungle world.

The task force pursued and engaged, with Archymm's personal team boarding. When they arrived at the bridge to face Hadlee, they were with Hammerfist.

Hadlee shifted into his second form, surprising some of his men. Eyre and Archymm duelled with Hadlee. Just as the Major incapacitated Archymm he tore Staff Sergeant Frank Flaherty to shreds as he bought the DMU time.

Ultimately, his strength was useless: Darian Church put several shotgun slugs through his shoulder blade, stunning him as Archymm stumbled to his feet. Eyre broke the glass of the observation deck, and Major Doyle Hadlee fell to his demise with Flaherty's corpse.